Returnable packaging: VMT ECOPACK are the international experts

Returnable packaging solutions for the business-to-business market – that is our specialty. We are a service-driven, customer-focused organisation which aims to be a one-stop shop for its customers – the place where they can find end-to-end durable solutions for their packaging-related needs. Our approach to business-to-business packaging challenges is at once cost-efficient, sustainable and user-friendly. We ensure the right balance between these core priorities in order to arrive at best-in-class solutions. 

We specialise in designing complete packaging systems for specific industries such as the automotive, domestic appliances and electronics industries, using our unique “Triple-E Design Philosophy”. Our modular packaging systems have a wide range of applications. We also supply our standard products to the FMCG, packed food and general logistics markets.

Not only do we offer a broad range of products to ensure that your packaging needs are met, but we are also active across multiple countries and markets. VMT ECOPACK is a truly international player. Its headquarters are based in Stein, the Netherlands. In addition, the company has subsidiaries in Brno (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey) and Alabama (US).





VMT ECOPACK exhibits at the LogiMAT 2017. We will of course present our full portfolio of packaging solutions and products as well as some of the packaging Solutions, we have made over the past year. The LogiMAT exhibition will take place from March 14 till 16, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Please visit us and check the options of value-chain-integrated packaging systems, where economical and ecological sustainability are captured in one design. The VMT ECOPACK team is looking forward to test our concepts with specific packaging needs you might have.

You can find VMT ECOPACK in Hall 4 booth number 4D45.

We would appreciate to hear from you when you are planning to visit us at LogiMAT. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with your account manager or with Mr. Peter Gunzinger, contact details:   Tel   :  +49 89 21093 230 Mobile: +49 173 15 49 684


We have free online vouchers available on a first come first serve basis. Please request these at, specifying contact name, address and number of vouchers needed.

For more information about the exhibition or VMT ECOPACK please visit or


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Peter Gunzinger                                                          Ernst Jan van Klinken

Sales Director Germany                                              Managing Director

VMT ECOPACK GmbH                                              VMT ECOPACK Group



Custom Packaging Solutions

Our experienced packaging engineers are specialised in designing custom packaging solutions according to VMT ECOPACK’s unique “Triple-E Design Philosophy”– which stands for the three core priorities of economics, ecology and ergonomics that inform the design process from start to finish. 
We strive to create best-in-class solutions, keeping in mind the customer’s economics, chain ecology and user ergonomics. Our innovative solutions prove that today’s business-to-business packaging challenges can be solved without the trade-offs between these 3 ‘E’s that have traditionally been necessary. 
We create customised packaging solutions for a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry (interiors, exteriors, seating) and the electronics & domestics industry, as well as a wide range of other sectors. Our packaging systems are safe, versatile, easy to use, and provide lasting quality and optimum efficiency.
Whether you are looking for a custom packaging solution or whether one of the options in our standard packaging product range will fit the bill, our innovative and durable products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and are sure to meet your packaging needs. 


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Standard packaging that fits your needs

From outer packaging to inner packaging, a custom packaging solution or any combination of packaging products, VMT ECOPACK designs, configures, supplies and provides advice on innovative durable packaging solutions. Click on the categories below for more information and to see examples of our product range. check out all our products here.


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