Returnable packaging: VMT ECOPACK are the international experts

Returnable packaging solutions for the business-to-business market. The place where You can find end-to-end durable solutions for all packaging needs. Our approach to packaging challenges is cost-efficient, sustainable and user-friendly. We ensure the right balance in order to deliver best-in-class solutions.

We specialise in designing complete packaging systems for specific industries such as the automotive, domestic appliances and electronics industries, using our unique “Triple-E Design Philosophy”. Our modular packaging systems have a wide range of applications. We also supply our standard products to the FMCG, packed food and general logistics markets.



Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging Solutions are configured and especially designed by our experienced packaging engineers according to our unique “Triple-E Design Philosophy”, thus the aspects of project economics, chain ecologics and user ergonomics are always integrated and often improved over the existing solution. Our innovative and durable packaging products are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

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Standard packaging that fits your needs

From outer packaging to inner packaging, a custom packaging solution or any combination of packaging products, VMT ECOPACK designs, configures, supplies and provides advice on innovative durable packaging solutions. Click on the categories below for more information and to see examples of our product range. check out all our products here.


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