VMT ECOPACK sets itself apartin its field through a value-chain-integrated approach to packaging design,using its unique“Triple-E Design Philosophy”to optimise customers’  packaging systems.

VMT ECOPACK aims to provide innovative and durable comprehensive packaging solutions for customers in the business-to-business market. We strive to balance customer economics, chain ecology and user ergonomics in order to arrive at sustainable solutions that have a long lifespan and multiple cycles of use. The exemplary durability of our products has set a new standard in the world of modular packaging solutions.

We aim to provide best-in-class solutions, offering a broad range of products – including both our standard range and tailor-made modular packaging solutions – to ensure that our customers’specific needs are met.We are able to solve business-to-business packaging challenges in a way that is at once cost-efficient, user-friendly and environmentally-friendly. We pride ourselves on our sustainable approach, and on being a one-stop shop that meets all of its customers’ needs – ranging from advice through to design and delivery.

VMT ECOPACK’s network stretches across Europe and the US, with head offices in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey and Alabama, USA. Our immediate aim for the future is to be the leading solution provider in the domain of returnable packaging systems for the automotive industry in greater Europe by the end of 2017.