The ECOPACK CLASSIC has become the standard for returnable modular packaging in the automotive industry because of its light weight, easy handling and exemplary durability,. It has the highest possible return ratio with its nestable pallet design. The integrated sleeve locking system ensures handling safety and system integrity during transport. Customised inserts and dividers optimise space efficiency and product protection.

• 100% recycled HDPE
twinsheet pallet and lid
• Polypropylene sleeve
(colors and prints available)
• Custom loading options
(loading door, removable
front panel)
• Set of 3 skids / runners optional
• Also available in lease
• Tested according to:
ISO 13194 (2011),
ISO 8611:2011,
ASTM D 642, EN 13626

Standard base dimensions
• EC1208 (1200*800 mm)
• EC1210 (1200*1000 mm)
• EC1308 (1350*820 mm)
• EC1512 (1500*1200 mm)
• EC1612 (1600*1200 mm)
Other dimensions upon request
Height range: 500 up to 1450 mm



Outer dimensions Inner dimensions



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Shipping guide for ECOPACK CLASSIC EC1208

We care about the environment and reducing shipping costs. Use the following statistics as a guide to help determine how many trucks you need to transport our products.

Mega truck
  • S: 572 / 132 items
  • L: 528 / 99 items
  • XL: 460 / 66 items
  • Empty packages
  • Full packages
These numbers are an estimate based on average truck sizes. The actual number of items that fit in a truck may differ depending on the actual truck you use. VMT Ecopack will not accept any claims with regard to the numbers given in this graphic.

Standard packaging to suit your needs

Whether it is an Outer Packaging, Inner Packaging, Custom Solution or any combination, we design, configure, supply and advise. Click on the categories below to see examples.