The ECOBOX sets itself apart through its custom design capability and low-weight durability. Optimised truck loading and handling ergonomics have become affordable! Customised inserts and dividers further optimise stacking density, product protection and ergonomics. This packaging is often used for car dashboard parts, such as air vents, car horns, and more.


Product line

• Aluminium or plastic stacking profile

• Dividers / Inserts: fixed plastic dividers, textile pockets and foam structures

• Assembly into packaging unit with pallet and lid



• Polypropylene walls (corrugated or cellular)

• Open or closed handles

• Load capability: according to occupational health and safety law

• Excellent chemical resistance

• Smooth rolling on conveyor systems

• Colours and prints available


Markets & applications


Domestic appliances


General Industry


Outer dimensions Inner dimensions


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Standard packaging to suit your needs

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