The OCTAPLAST  design is ideally suited to pack high weight, “fluid-like” product. The designed pressure distribution over the eight sides of the OCTAPLAST    in combination with the high strength and chemical resistant walls create the most durable octabin system.



• 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) single sheet “mirror” pallet / lid

• Polypropylene sleeve (colors and prints available)

• Automatic sleeve locking system

• Water and weather resistant

• System dimension optimized for mega trailer size


Standard dimensions

OP1210ss: 1250 x 1030 x 800 mm

OP1210s:  1250 x 1030 x 1035 mm

OP1210: 1250 x 1030 x 1365 mm

OP1210x: 1250 x 1030 x 1500mm

(Internal height: subtract 95mm)


Markets & applications

Plastic bulk industry


Food industry

Waste industry


Outer dimensions Inner dimensions


Standard packaging to suit your needs

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