VMT's returnable Modular Packaging

Best-in-class solutions

A value-chain-integrated approach to packaging design: that’s what we are all about. We strive to always apply our unique “Triple-E Design Philosophy”, creating best-in-class solutions that have been developed on the basis of three core priorities: the customer’s economics, chain ecology and user ergonomics. In other words, we develop comprehensive packaging systems in a way that is at once cost-efficient, user-friendly and environmentally-friendly.

Our expert engineers are highly experienced in designing customised packaging solutions for a wide range of different industries. During the entire design process, they are informed by the “Triple-E” priorities, endeavouring to strike the optimum balance between the three. VMT ECOPACK’s innovative packaging products go to show that the trade-offs between these 3‘E’s that have been necessary in the past no longer need to be made in order to address packaging requirements in today’s business-to-business market.


Long-term use and re-use

Our packaging solutions are made for long-term use and re-use, and are designed to have multiple life cycles.When the packaging module reaches “end-of-life”, either because there is no longer any use for it or because it has been damaged in the transportation process, it can be fully recycled into a new life as part of a VMT ECOPACK packaging module.


A new standard of modular packaging solutions

Our innovative, versatile and durable products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and are able to address a wide range of packaging needs. Industries for which we have created customised packaging solutions include the automotive industry (interiors, exteriors, seating) and the electronics & domestics industry, as well as a wide range of other sectors. The exemplary durability of our products has set a new standard in the world of modular packaging solutions.

We are excited to use our unique Triple-E Design Philosophy in developing tailor-made packaging solutions that meet all your needs.